Harmony, Florida


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Interstate Gas Pipelines thru Harmony (status as of ): STABLE

Welcome to the commons of Harmony, Florida, USA.

This site is open to all interested in the community of Harmony, residents and non-residents alike. There are no restrictions on access to this site. No special permission is required. All are welcome.

With the information presented here our goal is to bring to light any pending issues in our community with the hope these issues may be more quickly resolved.

This "Harmony, Florida Commons" website is maintained by a group of Harmony residents: Concerned Citizens for Good Governance. We feel this effort will help to better inform current residents of Harmony so more of us might become more actively involved.

It is also our hope that with this information more freely available, prospective residents will make a more informed decision prior to moving to Harmony.


This site is not affiliated in any way with HarmonyFL.com . This site is operated by and for the residents of Harmony, Florida. This site represents the views and opinions of various residents of Harmony. These residents are in no way affiliated with Starwood Capital Corporation, Harmony Development Company or any of its partner builders.